Frequently Asked Questions

What is "MG Plus Protein"?
"MG Plus Protein" is a magnesium supplement containing 133 mg of elemental magnesium. Although each tablet contains 26 mg of soy protein, "MG Plus Protein" is not intended as a protein supplement. The amount of protein is insignificant.
Is "MG Plus Protein" indicated for patients with soy allergies?
No. The amount of soy protein is small, depending on the the patient's sesitivity to soy it may be tolerable.
Are "MG Plus Protein" tablets enteric-coated?
"MG Plus Protein" Tablets are shaped and glazed to make them easy to swallow, they are NOT enteric-coated. The tablets can be crushed for use in a feeding tube or added to food.
How many "MG Plus Protein" tablets are required to fulfill my USRDA for magnesium?
3 tablets. Depending on the medications you may be taking, your diet, your medical condition, etc. you may require more or less magnesium. Consult your doctor before a regimen of larger doses of magensium.
Can I take too much magnesium?
Not likely. With healthy kidney function the body releases excess magnesium in the urine. Also, magnesium supplements are cathartic and large doses of oral magnesium usually cause diahhrea that does not allow for additional magnesium to be absorbed into the blood stream.
What foods can I eat to help increase my magnesium intake?
Common food sources of magnesium include: almonds, halibut, beans, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains (much of the magnesium is removed from the wheat used in the processing of white flour.)
What is the recommended dosage for "MG Plus Protein"?
As a magnesium supplement, take as directed by your physcian.
Are there any factors that can deplete my magnesium levels?
Poorly controlled diabetes, high alcohol consumption, malabsorption condition (Chron's, colitis), medications: loop/thiazide diuretics (water pills), some immunnosupressants (cyclosporin, tacrolimus), several cancer drugs (cisplatin, cetuximab.)
How would I know if I require magnesium supplements?
Common symptoms of a hypomagnesemia (low magnesium levels) include leg cramps, abnormal heart rhythms, muscle contractions, and in severe case seizures. Because of individual patient variation these symptoms will not be experienced by all patients. Blood tests are commonly used but not always accurate because a small amount of the body's magnesium is in the blood. The human body works hard to maintain magnesium blood levels. But it is possible for blood levels to test normal while body stores are low. A low blood magnesium level indicates the need for supplmentation.
Is a prescription required to purchase "MG Plus Protein"?
"MG Plus Protein" is an over-the-counter supplement, no prescription is required. All major wholesalers carry "MG Plus Protein", any pharmacy that does not carry it can order it from their wholesaler. "MG Plus Protein" is also available directly from Miller Pharmacal at (800)323-2935. (Business hours, Central Time US)
Is magnesium safe to take if pregnant or lactating?
Ask your physician before taking any medication or supplement.
Can I take "MG Plus Protein" at the same time as my other medications.
Some. Other medications can lose some of their efficacy by interacting with magnesium supplements or magnesium containing antacids (special note to transplant recipients taking tacrolimus.) Always read and follow the prescribing information for all medications before taking any magnesium supplement.
Are "MG Plus Protein" tablets chalky and hard to swallow? Will they stick to my tounge like other magnesium supplements?
NO! The shape and glazing of "MG Plus Protein" tablets make them very easy to swallow, even for pediatric patients or cancer patients with mucositis.